With your AC system operating for most of the Year minor or common problems will occur. Try our tips below. Can’t get system to operate call our office at 407-297-5778. Your repair will be temporary until one of our trained technicians can evaluate your unit in person.

    No Display on Thermostat

    • If your thermostat uses batteries please replace.
    • If your unit has a float switch / condensate overflow switch reservoir located at your air handler furnace make sure it has not filled up with water. If water is present in the reservoir suction the water with a Shop-Vac and reinstall the float switch. Do not operate the unit without the float switch.
    • Check the breaker for your AC system there will be one for the air handler / furnace and 1 4 the condenser/outdoor unit. If tripped move switch to off then on position.

    AC Does not Cool

    • Check to see if thermostat has display if so sea breaker section above
    • Make sure thermostat is set for cooling and temperature is set below room temperature
    • Outdoor unit is making a humming noise and not operating turn thermostat off and call us immediately.
    • If your system is not cooling after lawn maintenance check to make sure copper pipes and wires have not been cut.
    • If none of these tips work please give us a call.

      Float Switch

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